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something inspiring.

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  1. It’s easier than single strung.

  1. You can do stunning things that are not possible on single.

  1. You can make glittery sounds that give the illusion of greatness!

  1. You can play fast Celtic music with less finger dexterity.

  1. Therapeutic playing sounds even more therapeutic.

  1. This website has detailed info on amazing double strung harps. 

  1. I have made FREE YouTube tutorials; you will be thrilled at how easily you will learn. 

  1. I’m so into this that Stoney End asked me to be a distributor. 

Now I can help you find the harp of your dreams.

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Playing two harps at a time was my experiment. 

Then I discovered Double Strung Harp.

Double strung makes playing

EASIER and more FUN. 

(Fear not, you will see all those strings in a short time.)

Now I make FREE tutorials on YouTube and

people all over the world are falling in love with “Double!”

Southeastern Harp Weekend is

“on hold” as I take care of my adorable mother and grand daughter.

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Lorraine Floor harp

Eve 22 Lap harp

Brittany 22 Lap Harp


Video review of Eve 22 CLICK HERE

Video review of Brittany 22 CLICK HERE

Video review of Lorraine 29

floor harp CLICK HERE




Carolyn Deal